Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Analysis: Do you use more of the right or left side of your brain?

For those of you that didn't read the previous posts, this is a continuation of my posts from Friday and Saturday. Look at the following image and determine if it turns clockwise or counter-clockwise:

As you should already know, if it turns clockwise, you think with the right side of your brain. If it turns counter-clockwise, than you think with the left side of your brain.

If you want to see what each of them means, see the post from Saturday.

Here's what happened to me:

The first time I looked at the dancer, I only saw her turning counter-clockwise. My friend told me to stare only at the feet of the dancer, and see if I could get the dancer to move in the other direction. The first two times I couldn't get the legs to do more than go back and forth, and when I looked at the whole dancer nothing had changed.

However, while writing the post on Friday, the dancer kept switching directions whenever I would look away or blink. By Saturday, I could control which way I saw the dancer turning. Now however, I only see the dancer turning clockwise.

Therefore, I have concluded that I think with both parts of my brain at a similar level, and the dominance simply shifts based on different situations. I guess this is a good thing, unless of course I were thinking with the wrong side of my brain (since that would obviously really really suck).

The one thing I find interesting is that no matter which way the dancer turns, I alwas see her turning backwards. Does anyone see otherwise?

Anyways, post your comments and thoughts, and what you saw in the posts. Hope you like your results!


Mel a la mode said...

I've been staring at this for 5 minutes now and I keep seeing her turning counter-clockwise, but I don't think that the description for right brain users is an accurate one for me

http://sweiv.wordpress.com/ said...

You said it Mel, I am seeing her going clockwise and I don't agree with the analysis at all.

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