Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog Changes Completed


Just wanted to let you all know that the changes to my blog are now complete.  Sylvia and I decided that since she had barely been posting, and she wanted a separate blog for her trip to Greece, it was time to part our ways.

I also realized that was not the ideal home for my blog.  In fact, I didn't even come up with this title.  Jessica stole it from Rohan.  Therefore I have moved my blog to a new, more appropriate home:  All of the old links will continue to work through November of 2010, when my old domain expires.  I will likely let it expire, although I may choose to renew it later.

One might ask why I chose "blog" instead of "www" as my subdomain.  I realized that I really need to look to the future.  I began my blog on a whim one night with Sylvia and Jessica.  I guess you could say we broke up because of artistic differences: Jessica felt we were censoring her by telling her she can't write that all UChicago students are alcoholics, while Sylvia and I disagreed.  Our blog was located at at the time.

Ultimately I realized we needed a better home for our blog: one without "blogspot" in the url.  Thus, was born.  This was both a triumph and a mistake: while it was great to have a new, stronger home for out blog, this name, and the "our" aspect of the blog was quickly losing meaning.  This blog had really become "my" blog, I was just still insisting that it was our blog.

This week, Sylvia and I really decided that we should finally part ways.  I now had my own blog.  The problem was, the blog's name really didn't make any sense: it was long, it wasn't mine, and I didn't really feel any connection to it.  I really needed to change it.  So I decided to fall back to my classic URL (which Jess actually created): GalbutnotGirl.  This brings us to my new domain:

This still leaves one question though: why did I choose the subdomain "blog" rather than continue with "www" as I had in the past?  I realized I really need to look towards the future: I had already made major changes to my blog twice in the past year, and I really didn't want to do it again.  While currently I only have a blog (hosted for free by blogger), it's fairly conceivable, and probable in fact, that I will want an actual website in the future.  By hosting my blog at, I solve this problem.

Until I have a need for an actual wesbite, will forward you to  Visiting will also forward you to the same site at the moment.

I also want to change the title of my blog.  "Gal but not Girl" just sounds like a kind of stupid title.  As a URL though, it's pretty good.  For the time being, I'm keeping my old title: "Life of the Mind = Death of the Soul."  However, if you have any awesome suggestions for a new title, please post it in the comments or facebook me or whatever.

Hope you like my new blog,


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