Thursday, May 28, 2009


How I procrastinated today (and what I procrastinated doing)
1) Cuddling with my blanket (getting in the shower)
2) Checking what new apple products came out today (walking to class)
3) Calling my mom (going to Bartlett)
4) Hanging out with Christina and discussing life, homework, how she accidentally came out to her mom even though she was straight, and the future (walking to SOSC)
5) Applying for the advisory board (paying attention)
6) Reading (paying attention)
7) Discussing life with james (paying attention)
8) Walking around (waiting for the test)
9) Discussing how baller it will be to create an IM server (freaking out about the test)
10) Choosing Tapas items with Jessica (scanning notes)
11) Eating free Tiramisu (pretending to do work)
12) Beginning a movie (distracting Jessica)
13) Eating free Mexican food (watching a movie i didn't need to watch)
14) Teaching a Merengue lesson (continuing the movie I didn't need to watch)
15) Watching a movie with Sylvia (doing nothing)
16) Walking Sylvia and Jessica to the bus (pretending to sleep)
17) Facebooking (sleeping)
18) Talking on aim (sleeping)
19) Making this blog (sleeping)
20) Writing this post (realizing I'm bored and might actually go to sleep :( )

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