Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Verizon Sucker-Punches AT&T

Sorry for the large lack of posts ... school kicked in so free time is much more limited.

Anywhose, this video is hilarious.  Verizon is essentially showing off how much better their 3G service is to iPhone users.  They even make fun of the "there's an app for that" by going "there's a map for that."

While I personally cannot test the differences in 3G coverage, I definitely can attest that the service at my house (3G or regular) has gone down uber-significantly ... in fact, I get the circle (which predicates Edge coverage if you're lucky enough to not know what this is, be really happy ... and I'm not being sarcastic at all :D)  At school I don't have much service ... like one bar or less in my room.  That's why I use Google Voice to receive all calls in my room.

So for your pleasure, here is the video:

Oh, and it will supposedly be aired tonight during Monday Night Football.  Also, for those of you who didn't realize it, the video is all shaky cuz it's being videotaped by a handheld camera of some sort from a TV or projector or whatever.  Also, if you wanna see the article I saw this from, click here

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