Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teacher Put a Hit On a Gay Student

If you want to just read the article, you're welcome to do so right here.

So a teacher in the state of Georgia attempted to put a hit on one of his students.  Apparently the teacher passed a picture of the 16-year old in question to another student and indicated he would pay to have the boy killed.

This followed a large argument the day before in which the teacher, Forde took the student out of class and questioned the boy's sexuality.  On the day of the incident, he threatened to "hit [the boy] in his fucking mouth" when they got in an argument in class.

Personally I think this is disturbing and disgusting.  While I understand that everyone has their opinions, it's one thing not to accept a person's homosexuality, and it's another thing to try to kill them for it.  A person who is this against homosexuality has no right to work in an environment where youth are exploring their sexuality since it is extremely harmful.

I would be extremely disappointed if this teacher did not lose their teaching license for good.

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