Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where Did My Posts Go?

So let me start this post by saying that I really wanted to title it something along the lines of "What Happens When d/dx(my postings) -> 0" but I realized that might be just a bit too nerdy for some of my readers.  You can just pretend that's the real title, because it's totally awesome.

But anyways, on to more pressing matters.  My few passionate followers (aka My sister, Jessica, Jesika (did I get it spelled right this time?), my old co-blogger Sylvia, and some more I may not know about (please comment if I forgot you)) may notice that I tend to post very infrequently during the academic year.  (Yes Sylvia, all of those parenthesis are really there just for you.)  This is because sadly hours_spent_on(school + work + social life + my nerdy activities + gym + sleep) is approximately equal to 24. This means I have very little time to devote to my loyal readers in new postings.

However, anyone who talks to me, or follows me on buzz, or on google reader, knows that I do keep up with all my blogs, and do share posts when they're interesting.  I tend to do it the Daring Fireball way: share a post with a short commentary if applicable.  I've promised myself that I would do this often with my blog.  Unfortunately though, I really get lazy / I say I'll do it later and never do.  What I tend to do is share an item with a short comment, and later make a full post about it when I get the chance.  Problem is, this is often way to late.

So I figured I would share with all my readers how to find my Google Buzz and Google Reader shares (and the corresponding RSS feed).  The Google Reader feed is everything I share from different RSS feeds (mostly blogs) I subscribe to.  The Google Buzz feed also includes random things I find on the web that I like, some of my tweets, and my blog (it's automatically imported in).  I am not 100% sure if everything I comment on also gets pulled in as I don't know all the small features of Google Buzz and it keeps being updated non-stop right now.  

You can find my feeds here (you can subscribe by RSS feed as well):
Google Buzz
Google Reader

To shamelessly promote myself, check me out my twitter. Most other services I am a member of I use fairly infrequently, so I'll leave those off for now.

Update:  It turns out that sharing and commenting on items as I had been doing in the past really isn't the way to go with the shares from Google Reader.  Therefore, I will do my best to share with a note in the future so that everyone can see my commentary.

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