Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving Into the Dorms Today!

Hey everyone, so my plan is to be much better about updating my blog while I'm abroad then I do while I'm at school.  Here's a quick update on what's happened so far:

1)  Took off from O'Hare saturday night!
2)  Landed in Turkey
3)  Went out to dinner in Turkey (pics will come soon)
4)  Flew to Israel
5)  Slept till morning and did some errands
6)  Went to the Namal in Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Port) and had dinner with my Aunt
7)  Hung out with Viva at the Mall in Tel Aviv: Azrieli (sp?) to be exact. (FYI, this was tuesday)
Update:  Jess would like me to remind you that I went to the mall with her and Milan.

Now it is 7:21 am on Wednesday morning and I should be asleep (but obviously I am not).  We move into the dorms in Jerusalem in a few hours!


Sylvia Badon said...

PICTURES please.

Jessica said...

YOU suck. Maybe next time I just wont go anywhere with you so you dont have to remember that I went too.

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