Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So I've Been Really Bad With My Posts ... I'll Try To Change

So I know I've been really bad about posting consistently.  I'm sorry.  Sylvia already yelled at me, so I promised I would try to change my habits so that I post more often.  So anyways, here's my post for now with a short update on what's been going on in life and such.  I'll expand where I see fit (I guess).

So unfortunately, my academic life in Israel isn't nearly as interesting as Sylvia's.  We don't have excursions every day.  In fact, we've only had one excursion so far, but we have a bunch of fun trips and such that we organize ourselves.

A lot as happened since I moved into Jerusalem the week before last (ya, I really have been terrible about this posting thing).

Wednesday:  Moved in, orientation, unpacked(ish), went to central jerusalem, ate falafel, went clubbing/baring, and met the australians.

Thursday:  Had some dull lecture on the history of Israel or something (I believe I was asleep for about half of this), signed up for gym memberships, went to the shuk, had a potluck, went clubbing.

Friday:  Boring tour of David's Palace and Hezzekiah's Tunnel (sp?), saw the ancient city, got supposed armenian food which was overpriced, not that great, and strongly resembled Israeli food.  By strongly resembled I mean 1 thing was different.

Saturday:  Went to the arab quarter in the old city, got crappy shnitzel, most people got ripped off, got an ibrik (turkish coffee pot), went to the western wall, went out to dinner with my Aunt

Sunday:  First day of class

Monday: Class in the morning, then chilled and watched Shelter with Marisa and Deonna, went to my grandparents' for passover seder, came home, got felt up/molested/sexually violated by Deonna, surfed the web and chatted with people.

Tuesday:  Slept in / chilled, went to the Christian quarter in the old city and went to the church of the holy seplicre (sp?), bought a bigger ibrik, bought pita for hella cheap (about 2 for 25 cents), and chillaxed.

Wednesday:  Class in the afternoon, went to the shuk, got lost, went out for decent italian, went back to the dorms and chillaxed.

Thursday:  Class in the afternoon, bussed down to Tel Aviv, got great italian food, went clubbing with Sonia Hinson at TLV on the port.  There were hundreds of cute gay guys and they played basically every hit through 2006.  Stayed up all night, slept at my Aunt's from 7am-2pm when Uri sent me an SMS (I know this is technically friday).

Friday:  Slept until around 2.  Had some bread with great avocado and "black tomatoes" (those are really good and I strongly recommend them to everyone).  Went to my grandma's for dinner with the cousins.  Slept at my Gma's.

Saturday:  Went up north to Maagan Michael with my grandma and her child-hood friend Mika, and picked up some fun people named Bruriya and Fuza and went to an art village nearby.  Visited one of her old friends from Jerusalem who lives in an orchard and picked a bunch of avocados.  Came back to Tel Aviv and got even more italian with my aunt.  The desert was particularly noteworthy: Foccacia (sp?) filled with Nutella.  Stayed up late finishing up "The Invention of Lying" and "These Times Have Been Better" while chatting with Nathan.

Sunday:  Slept in and took the bus up to Mevaseret where my grandparents live.  Played soccer with my cousins (by played I mean destroyed two of them with my youngest cousin).  Had dinner and returned to the dorms where I chillaxed.

Monday:  Slept in and went to class.  Came back and made Mazzah Brie for Sonia and myself.  Went in search of the Memuzah (sp?) festivals.  Never found them, got pizza with green olives (SOOOOO GOOD) as well as a white chocolate nutella crepe with israeli chocolate bits (called mekupelet ... my friends may recognize this as chocolate bark).

Tuesday (now):  Went to the grocery store and got ingredients for a pasta sauce: Tomatoes, Parsley, and Pine Nuts (we'll see how this works out).  Sitting in class.

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