Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quickly Notify Your Readers of Blog Posts Using

Through my daily blog perusal / morning procrastination, I came across this awesome new service called which is in public beta as of today.  Its goal is to solve the problem posed on RSS feeds by real-time services such Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (does anyone actually know the official way to write linked in's name?).

Generally, RSS is the easiest way to get your posts to your readers.  If they like what you write, they follow you by subscribing to your RSS feed.  I currently use Google Reader for this.  But with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (I know you're wondering who actually uses linked in as a social network, but people do), RSS feeds are not fast enough.  This is why services like twitterfeed and a feature of Google's FeedBurner have succeeded: they make it easier to spread the word about your posts to Twitter.  Some have added support to publish your feed to Facebook also, but from what I've seen, it doesn't work too well.

This is why I'm checking out  It's currently in beta, but it hopes to solve the problems of publishing to your real-time social networks in real time.  Currently it sees to be working well, I just haven't gotten my custom Pro url's working yet.  Hopefully that will work on this post.

I also wish they had better ways to make links posted to facebook look more like items I posted with picture support.  We'll see if that works on this post since I am going to add a picture to it.

P.S.  This is my second post published using!


Bill Flitter said...

Thanks for the great feedback. Look for more great features coming soon.

Bill Flitter

Gal Oppenheimer said...

You're welcome. I love the service!

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