Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chuck: A Hella Funny Show

So this summer I got really bored, and ran out of stuff to watch on TV (well by TV I mean TV shows on my computer), so I asked people for recommendations. As always, Talia came through (she also recommended Dexter to me), and she recommended an NBC show called Chuck.

Now chuck is a fairly new Show, having just completed its second season, and I remember the advertisements for it quite clearly (since I was waiting to watch Heroes always). Frankly, those ads completely sucked. The show looked completely idiotic, and honestly, I understand why: the concept itself sounds pretty dumb ...

This kinda cute, loveable guy works at a fake version of best buy, and is living a life below his ability. He got kicked out of Stanford after his best friend and room mate turned him in for cheating on a test he claims he didn't cheat on. And get this, his girlfriend then dumped him for his best friend. So he's living at home with his sister and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome, who is simply AWESOME. Chuck's best friend isn't exactly the brightest tulip in the bunch, and you can tell that Chuck's life is going no where.

But here's the cool twist: in the first episode, Chuck's enemy (his old room mate) turns out to be a spy, steals a super machine that houses all of the CIA and NSA's secrets, and sends it as a series of images to Chuck. Chuck accidentally watches it before the computer data is all destroyed, and all the information is stuck in his head. Now the US government needs Chuck to help with important cases and act as though he is the computer.

I'm assuming you agree with me that the above description honestly looks like a pretty bad B-list movie, or maybe some Made-for-video or made-for-tv movie. Thats what I thought when I first heard about it. But when Talia recommended it, I took a chance, since she nearly always has great recommendations.

Boy was Talia right. The show was witty, entertaining, and purely comical. There were fun action scenes, filled with rich humor, and Chuck's antics, clowning, and pure goofy-ness were hilarious. You don't get frustrated or annoyed with how Chuck keeps messing up, you burst out laughing as you see how in his mind he's doing the right thing, how everyone else needs saving, but how honestly, he really screwed it up.

And the show doesn't die quickly. Both seasons have been great. The second half of season 2 has gone on a self-discovering journey of Chuck, and it almost seemed like they were running out of great ideas. However, with the incredible season finale, and the crazy new plot twist, I can't wait for the next season!

I would strongly recommend EVERYONE watch this TV Show!

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