Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sober by P!nk, which is the original?

So I guess I'm kind of stepping on Emale's turf with this one. Emale, if you read this, sorry.

So I was driving home today and listening to the radio, and there was almost nothing on. So I was listening to this station by Alice (I think it's 93.7), but it's in the Bay Area, so if you're not in the Bay Area then don't search for it on the airwaves. Anyways, back to the conversation ...

So a song came on that was pretty familiar, and I was like hey it's P!nk. But it was hella slow, so I was like this is an interesting remix. So I decided to Shazam it to see what song it was, and was shocked by what I found.

Quick detour for those of you who don't know what Shazam is (if you do, skip to the next paragraph). Shazam is this awesome program that records an 18ish second clip of music, and analyzes it and spits out what song it is. As long as the recording is of decent quality, not outrageously noisy in the back ground, or immense amounts of talking. I've found it almost always works in the car, and yesterday it even worked while people were talking very loudly for the first 8 or 9 seconds. Oh, did I mention it can even identify most official remixes? Anyways back to business ...

So Shazam told me this was Sober by P!nk. I was like wait what, I listen to that song all the time on Energy 92.7 and Wild 94.9, and this definitely wasn't it. So I got home and did some research. Turns out I wasn't listening to the original version, I was listening to the "Bimbo Jones Radio Edit" all the time. And it totally makes sense, that version is WAY better.

When I first heard this on the Radio, I was like this is really boring and slow, but that's because I was expecting the fast, hyper, upbeat, club version I was used to. When you're driving home at 1:30pm, going 70 on a nice sunny day, you want a crazy fast hyper dance song, you don't want a slow, relaxing, semi-depressing song. But when I watched the video and listened to the song at home today, I changed my mind. I really like this song.

I always thought (through the Bimbo Jones Edit) that this was a crazy song about having fun sober at a party and like how the fuck does that happen (since you rarely have fun when you're sober and everyone around you is drunk off their ass). But the original really isn't like that. You watch as P!nk observes how pathetic her own life is (cool effects with the whole her watching herself and comforting herself while puking). She slowly takes the step to realize it's wrong, going nowhere, and she doesn't need that. So she moves past it, and you see some weird effects.

Then you see her seduce and hook up with herself, which I personally think is creepy and completely fucked up ... Then again, I guess it's twins to the next level.

But she really gets it: "When it's good, it's good, it's so good, till it goes bad ..." This is what partying is like, and seriously, it sucks when it goes bad.

It's interesting how in modern times with so many crazy remixes out there it's often difficult to find the original version, or the specific version of a song. Just search for any pop song on youtube, and you'll see tons of remixes, it's crazy.

In case you wanna hear the sound clips / see the video, here's the original version Sober, and here's the Bimbo Jones Radio Edit.

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