Friday, August 28, 2009

Sketchpad in 1963 ... Really Advanced

So a while ago, while meandering the twitter world, I found a link to this awesome video of a graphics device (it wasn't really an application back then) being demoed. Obviously the UI (user interface) is extremely simplistic compared to modern UI's, but watch the video (analysis / discussion afterwords), and just remember this was done in 1962 (the program was released in 1963):

So ignoring the UI, this technology is extremely revolutionary. Even in modern times, there aren't many tools where we can draw two lines and have the application automatically make them parallel, or perpendicular. Obviously there are applications sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars that can do more then this, but there are also new apps that can do less then this app can. While obviously many of the simple apps today can do 3D, opacity, and color, many of them can't align vertically, or allow for master images.

In fact, most graphic programs don't allow for master images at all. It's revolutionary to think that this idea existed and was a reality in 1963 before computers even existed.

It's crazy to think that the modern computer wasn't invented until 1984, but they already had such complex graphics programs back then.

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