Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fun Watch: Bart Got a Room

So a while back (as in within the last two to three weeks), I saw a preview for this movie: Bart Got a Room.  It looked kind of funny and quirky, sort of reminded me of Keeping Up with the Steins (which was also pretty fun).  I didn't expect this movie to be amazing, and honestly, it wasn't, but I still really enjoyed it.  There was decent acting, and lots of great lines and situations.

I think that's why I liked this movie so much.  The quirky, off-beat humor was probably what I loved about this movie.  I really enjoyed watching it; although somethings were predictable (ie the hooker), I didn't expect the movie to go exactly as it did (which is a GREAT thing for me since I've found movies to be pretty predictable as of late).

I liked this movie.  I don't know how much I would want to watch it again, since I'm not one to usually rewatch movies (except (500) Days of Summer which I will definitely watch again multiple times).

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