Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Don't Care If You Can't Handle It ...

So for a very long time (pretty much from the very beginning), people have constantly been getting pissed at AT&T for the terrible connectivity and service on their network with the iPhone.  There are simply too many holes in their service, and times when in major metropolitan areas (SF, Chicago, NYC), you simply cannot get a 3G or EDGE connection.  This is normally, try to imagine how terrible it gets when there's a major event or celebration (I personally experienced this at pride this summer and at VMworld this year).

So essentially, support for the iPhone on AT&T's network has been terrible.  In fact, between going to Israel and coming back, my service has gotten even worse: I now have practically no service in my room in places where I had service before on my old Sony Ericsson phone and on my iPhone.  So obviously this really sucks for me.  If I didn't have Google Voice, I just wouldn't be able to talk to like anyone.  So after a really long time of people being pissed off at AT&T, AT&T decided to respond.  Watch the video and then I'll respond.

My response is quite simple ... I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!  I pay $30 per month extra as an iPhone user for the 3G connectivity and other services (visual voicemail, iPhone OS updates, etc).  I expect to receive the services I pay for, and I don't really care for any explanations over why I can't receive them.  Obviously there are hiccups in services (such as Netflix's hiccup with Watch Instantly).  But they did their users right, and everyone who tried to watch a movie during the time with no service got 2% back.

AT&T made a decision to take on so many iPhone users, and it's really not my problem that they can't handle all the users.  Basically, I think this explanation is complete PR bullshit.


udomphol said...

very interesting video though.. looks like they're solving this problem through brute force (more cell towers). in the long run, i wonder if they should be dumping a portion of that $20B into research for new communications technologies or algorithms that allow for more efficient usage

Gal Oppenheimer said...

Lol probably. Well they've already solved the next step (4G through 7.2 mbps instead of 4.7 or w/e it is now). Rumors are this is just a software upgrade on the current towers, though I definitely don't believe that.

All I know is in the last month (after I got my iPhone), my service has gotten significantly worse in my room.

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