Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Surveillance 24/7 Totally Sucked ...

So I was looking for something fun to watch on Netflix online and happened upon this movie.  It seemed fairly interesting / too hot guys making out definitely seemed like a fun idea.  Boy was I wrong.

From the very beginning the movie was really weird.  You re-watched the same clips a bunch of times in the beginning on different screens and heard the same explanations nearly identical over and over.  I was like okay, this is pretty trippy but i'll keep watching.  I wasn't engaged or interested at all though.

I was basically waiting for the cute guys.  They met up within the first like 10 minutes or whatever, and it was hot.  Then that was over and the following began. This was where I started getting bored.  I was watching the movie while talking to friends only because I wanted to see where this was going, but I really wasn't too interested.

By 30 minutes, I stopped paying attention.  At 50 minutes I closed the Netflix Watch Instantly viewer.

I don't recommend anyone watch this film for anything other than the hot guys.  If you're watching for them, close the movie after the morning after scene.

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