Friday, September 4, 2009

Not Always Right, Always Funny Though

So my friend Tim pulled through again and introduced me to a hilarious site called Not Always Right when I should have been heading to bed Wednesday night (though I guess actually Thursday morning).  The site is essentially conversations that are hilarious where one side is clearly mistake (generally the customer out of stupidity or simply being a total dumbass).

There isn't really much more to say since the site pretty much speaks for itself.  I just thought I would say that "Every (Bad) Crowd Has A Silver Lining" is definitely my favorite one so far.

So forward this on and enjoy it while you can.  My friend Sylvia and I strongly believe it will disappear into the realm of old news once it becomes too popular like Texts From Last Night and; I just hope that time won't come too quickly since it's really quite a fun site at the moment.

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