Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I-See-You, Do you?

So one evening during VMworld I watched this quirky movie called I-See-You.com; although the description sounded completely moronic, I decided to watch it, and was REALLY surprised by how funny it was.  The premise: Lydia (the mother), played by Rosanna Arquette, loses all of her family's money on the stock market.  Her husband Harvey (Beau Bridges) flips out and throws her computer in the pool as he realizes the family's entire life is ruined.

But their son Colby, played by Mathew Botuchis (who's extremely quite by the way), and his girlfriend Randi (Shiri Appleby) hatch a crazy plan to make them money: film the family 24/7 and play it online so they can make money.  The plan is an instant success; the only problem is no one in the family (including his sister Audrey, played by Baelyn Neff) has any idea they're on camera.

This movie is hilarious as you see how crazy the family is, how they react to their fifteen minutes of fame, and how they try to re-spice their success once their show starts to plummet.

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