Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2012: Better Than Expected

So I decided last night to watch 2012.  I had seen a bunch of previews for it, and although none of my friends had wanted to see it, it still seemed like a lot of fun, and I decided it would be a blast to watch.

So I searched for it online and finally found it here (in case you want to watch it).  Keep in mind I don't guarantee how long the movie will be available on that site.  Anyways, I really liked that movie.

While it was obviously just a crazy mega (151-minute) action film, it was a fun one and I enjoyed watching it.  There are some fairly impressive special effects, even when I'm watching it in a 5 inch square on my computer.  The plot itself is surprising.  While obviously some things were expected and did make sense and were implied in the trailer, I did not expect there to be as much colossal damage (even after movies such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow).

The actors were also surprisingly good.  I particularly liked the Russian family.  I won't say much more because I would start ruining the movie and throwing out spoiler alerts if I did.  But if you have 2.5 hours or so one afternoon, watch 2012.

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