Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Shitty Twist ... Make That Just Slow

A really long time ago (like multiple years), I remember reading in Datebook (the entertainment section of the SF Chronicle), this was during the phase between the Datebook being the pink section both times.  Anyways, back to business.  So one Saturday (or Sunday or whatever morning), and I was reading reviews of upcoming movies, or recently released movies, or new to DVD movies or something, and this one review caught my eye.
So anyways, the film is called Twist, it's a modern day version of Oliver Twist set in Toronto with gay hustlers.  It seemed like it could be some fun to watch since the leads: Nick Stahl (Dodge) and Joshua Close (Oliver) are both extremely attractive.  Sadly this was not the case.  Maybe it's just that I didn't click to well with the characters, though I felt like I did, but I honestly didn't think the movie was that great at all.  I felt like it was merely okay and that just doesn't cut it for me.
If you have any plans to watch this film, I recommend against it.  It had great potential, just didn't meet my expectations and hopes.

I change my mind, I liked it a bunch, it was just a tad too slow for my taste.

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