Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Final Destination: Same Old Fun

In the fourth (and seemingly final) installment of the Final Destination franchise, The Final Destination, we have another set of teens and adults who evade death and slowly die afterwards as fate kicks in.  I personally felt like this film was significantly better than the second and third, but not as good as the first film.

Beware of spoiler alerts: they are prevalent in this post (for all 4 films).

The first film had very good actors, and a surprisingly good plot-line.  The second film had an interesting twist: death was finishing up its work.  In the second film, everyone had missed an incident in which they were destined to be killed (such as staying in a hotel where everyone died) because of someone being killed by fate in the first film (in this case the girl being run over by the bus).  Everyone started dying backwards, and it was essentially fate finishing up all of its lose ends.

All films do sport very realistic catastrophes: the pride on our biggest fears, and that's why they work so well.  In the first film: a plane crash; there's plenty of these every year.  In the second, film we have a crazy car pile up, and in the third, a roller coaster derails.  Of all the catastrophes, I think the one in this movie with the most "over-the-top" catastrophe: a nascar crash that kills most of the audience.

The biggest difference is that it seems as though the protagonist may die while saving some of the other characters.  And he has a flash-forward in the middle of the movie.  Other than that, it seems as though this film follows a regular, fun, crazy and bloody routine.

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