Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lip Dub Competitions: Who Said Lip Dubbing Was Done and Over?

So we all remember those Lip Dub videos that were big a few years back. If you don't, you should cuz they were actually pretty cool. The fad came and the fad went and we saw some pretty good videos.  For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, people would generally make a music video of lip-syncing. The catch was a pretty big one: the entire video had to be one shot with no cutting in the middle.

Overall we saw some pretty cool videos come out of this.  However lately the fad has come back, as a competition.  Check out the following two videos and read what I have to say about it afterwards.

Shorecrest High  with Outkast's, "Hey Ya."

Rival school Shorewood High responds with "You Make My Dreams."

Personally I think both videos are pretty damn awesome.  Designing any video this long with choreography that goes through a school and has people lip-syncing is difficult in itself.  Shorewood however definitely wins the prize: teaching everyone how to lip-sync backwards is just OUTRAGEOUS.  Whoever taught them how to dub backwards has talent, that must be really tough.

I wonder what will happen in a few years.

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