Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glee: My Latest Distraction

So I guess I lied a little.  I know I promised that I would be ultra active over winter break on my blog.  Then I posted an announcement, then a short post about a concert with a promise I would post pictures.  I then was totally lame and skipped a day.  So I guess now I'm apologizing and writing a more real post.

I did have a great excuse for why I was absent.  I got hooked on Glee.  I really don't know why, since I can't explain what I like about the show very well.  The plot itself isn't that amazing.  (Spoiler alert for the rest of the post)  It centers around a group of teenagers, some popular some losers, who are all part of a Glee club.  Like all teen comedy/dramas, everyone has crushes on everyone and has slept with someone else.  There's the token everything, and the show is extremely stereotypical.

There's a pregnant cheerleader who lies about the father.  But the drama isn't only in the students.  The guidance councilor is in love with the spanish teacher.  The football coach on the other hand is in love with the guidance councilor.  The principal suffers from the budget cut flu and is over-obsessed with saving money in any way possible.  His loyalties mistakenly lie with the Cheereos coach, Sue Sylvester.

Jane Lynch is simply brilliant in the show.  She is a vindictive crazy-woman who is hell bent on making sure the school's Glee club falls apart and things go back to how they once were.  Personally, I think  she's beyond hilarious, and I think the show would not be nearly as good without her or her character.

I strongly recommend everyone check this show out.  I caught up in one day, and I absolutely loved it.

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